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Daily life doesn't have to be dull! Turn off the tv-- it's time for an adventure. There is not an experience in this world that compares to the sensation you'll receive jumping out of a plane during your skydiving adventure.

Break out of your ditch with a rush of excitement!

Whether you want to escape from the daily grind during the week, or plan an adventurous weekend that will be unforgettable, we can assist you in reserving your very first skydive.

Don't just read this and forget it! You could actually be freefalling with your very own professional instructor over beautiful Stockton California!

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Stockton Skydiving Disciplines

Without a doubt you've fallen for skydiving, but did you know there are other types of aerial travel that are equally as amazing? There are plenty of solutions to achieve that surge of adrenaline.

With Stockton Skydiving, our staff of skydive professionals can help you to find the best skydiving discipline and affiliate drop zone where you can get your skydiving abilities to the following level!

Here's a handful of the most preferred alternatives to skydiving that you might wish to try out through Stockton Skydiving.

Sky Surf

Okay, so the wind is the water, but where is the surf board at over a mile and a half in the sky? Learn how you can ride the wave in a totally fresh way when you mix street skateboarding with ocean surfing and throw in the rush of of skydiving.

Canopy Swooping

This practice can be exciting to see, and even more exciting to participate in.

There are only a few aerial activities that actually make you seem like another animal, and this is one of them; dive to the ground like a hawk after a rabbit, then level out and start the fun over again.

Free Fly

Play Super hero all you want to during a freefly skydive. You can spin and sweep, discover your anxieties and conquer them, and after that enjoy the rest of the trip down under a parachute.

Wingsuit Sky Diving

The Wingsuit Skydive is at the very top of the aerial experience scale. Don the special "winged" jumpsuit and glide over the scenery below, oblivious for a moment of the total height, and see the real capacity of the human mind.

{Come fly with us! Wingsuit skydiving is the solution. Call now to learn more.|Contact us today to make a reservation for your next skydive!

Why Pick Us?

Parachuting is a well-known activity that is undertaken with the highest level of safety. The activity has come to be significantly safer over the years as companies must follow strict regulations regarding equipment and training. Nonetheless, picking the "best" company for your parachuting experience can be a challenge. Stockton Skydiving is your ultimate partner with a reputation of an impeccable safety record and exceptional adventures. Stockton Skydiving is the biggest group of parachuting affiliates in the country. You will have a fantastic time with our competent instructors that will supply you with important tips to enable you to achieve a fulfilling skydive jump.


Feel free to contact us at Stockton Skydiving to schedule for an amazing adventure. We offer tandem and free fall options for anyone that lives for the excitement, with or without skydiving experience. Your skydiving bundle is valid for two years and arrangements can be made to reschedule in case of bad weather. While we don't grant refunds, tickets are transferable.

Our exceptionally skilled instructors will accompany you on your thrilling freefall adventure. Make the choice to arrange your upcoming skydive jump with us. You'll be glad you did!

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Stockton Skydiving

Here at Stockton Skydiving, we specialize in providing new skydivers with a safe, exhilarating and unforgettable skydiving experience. We'll connect you with a skilled skydiving coach who will take you into the sky - and back again - giving you a mind-blowing introduction to the addictive sport of high-speed skydiving!

Here are a handful of things that you need to know to get ready for, and have fun with, your 1st skydive:




Jump from 2.6 miles
Freefall for 60 sec

Heart Rate


Jump from 1.8 miles
Freefall for 30 to 35 sec

Heart Rate


You'll get pointed in the right direction to get you started with skydiving services located near you.